B12 vitamin 60x 1000 mcg vegan caps – methylcobalamin – the most bioavailable form


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We have the biologically active coenzyme B12 in our vegan capsules in form of methylcobalamin. It does not have to be converted by the human body and is therefore optimally offered for metabolism! Vitamin B12 is particularly important for vegetarians and vegans because they only absorb insufficient amounts of vitamin B12 from their food. Our B12 capsules make an excellent contribution to supplying this vitamin!

Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that the body needs for blood formation, the nervous and immune systems. Since the body cannot produce vitamin B12 itself, it has to get it from food.
Vitamin B12 is not always contained in sufficient quantities in foods. Although the vitamin is produced naturally by microorganisms, it is mainly found in animal products such as muscle meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. Plant-based foods, on the other hand, only contain small amounts of this vital vitamin. It is therefore important, especially for vegans and vegetarians, to ensure an adequate supply of vitamin B12. You can only fully benefit from the benefits of a vegan diet if you have sufficient B12 supply.


Highly concentrated with 1000 µg vitamin B12 per capsule
Optimum usability thanks to bioactive methylcobalamin
Easy consumption: 1 capsule daily with a meal
2-month supply of 60 vegan capsules
Developed, controlled and bottled in Germany
Vitamin B12 – Energy

The capsules are vegan, halal, lactose and gluten free. The production takes place under strict health regulations by a certified German producer.

Does vitamin B12 have side effects in high doses (1000 µg per daily dose)?
Vitamin B12 is one of the water-soluble vitamins. The body only uses the amount it currently needs and excretes the rest in the urine. Even in high doses, vitamin B12 has no side effects on the human organism and is safe.

Do vegans absolutely need vitamin B12?
We know that the vegan diet has many benefits. Unfortunately, a purely plant-based, vegan diet cannot sufficiently cover the need for vitamin B12. Although B12 deficiency does not only affect vegans, studies show that a vegan diet particularly often leads to a deficiency of vitamin B12. Associations such as VEBU recommend avoiding a vitamin B12 deficiency and supplying vitamin B12 through products, for example.


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