Bioscalin® iSFRP-1 capillary activator


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Bioscalin® Capillary Activator with iSFRP-1

New worldwide patent against hair loss. Bioscalin® Capillary Activator with iSFRP-1, with just 1 application per week, promotes hair growth and combats hair loss. State-of-the-art single molecule, iON technology for targeted and prolonged release, for maximum absorption. Light texture, not greasy and does not weigh down the hair. Dermatologically tested.

At times when the hair is subjected to stress (change of season, unbalanced diet, psychophysical stress, sun exposure, etc.) and there is an alteration of the normal life cycle of the hair with slow growth and consequent hair loss.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: apply the vial once a week to the scalp. Perform 25 pressures to distribute evenly starting from the most diluted areas. Massage and do not rinse. Use on dry or damp hair.

On the first use, unlock the applicator by turning the base until it clicks. The multipurpose applicator allows 1 application per week for 6 weeks.

Recommended to use for 3 months, visible results after one month.


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