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Rejuvenage supplements Ca-AKG 50 grams

packed in a matte black smell proof mylar bag,

Recommended daily dose according to the studies: 1 gram higher dose: 2 grams per day

Ca-AKG has been proven to extend lifespan and health span in mammals, so there’s a good reason to add this to your main supplement regime.

AKG is  a key molecule in the Krebs cycle determining the overall rate of the citric acid cycle of the organism. It is a nitrogen scavenger and a source of glutamate and glutamine that stimulates protein synthesis and inhibits protein degradation in muscles. A 2008 review article on the subject noted AKG blood levels can drop by a factor of ten between the ages of 40 and 80.

A groundbreaking study published in Cell Metabolism observed remarkable improvements in the healthspan of middle-aged mice with the addition of alpha-ketaglutarate (AKG) to their diet. These mice experienced enhanced health as they aged, displaying significantly reduced periods of disease and disability prior to their demise—an unprecedented achievement in mammalian research. The study’s findings, based on clinically relevant health indicators, signify a promising avenue for promoting healthier aging.

As humans age, the levels of AKG in their blood plasma can decrease substantially, by up to tenfold. However, interventions like fasting and exercise, known to promote longevity, can boost AKG production. Notably, AKG isn’t naturally present in typical diets, necessitating supplementation as the sole viable means to replenish its levels.

Gordon Lithgow, PhD, a senior author and professor at Buck, emphasized the study’s focus on improving healthspan. While some mice experienced moderate extensions in lifespan (averaging around 12%), the enhancement in healthspan surpassed 40%. Lithgow stressed the importance of compressing the duration of illness and frailty, a key goal in aging research. Surprisingly, even mice that didn’t live longer exhibited improved health, a promising and unexpected outcome.

AKG plays a vital role in various fundamental bodily processes. It contributes to cellular metabolism, providing energy, stimulates collagen and protein synthesis, and influences age-related mechanisms like stem cell proliferation. Its role in inhibiting muscle protein breakdown makes it a popular supplement among athletes and has also been utilized in treating conditions such as osteoporosis and kidney diseases.

The study highlighted AKG’s impact on reducing systemic inflammatory cytokine levels, particularly in promoting the production of anti-inflammatory Interleukin 10 (IL-10). Chronic inflammation significantly contributes to aging, and suppressing it could be the basis for both lifespan and healthspan extension. Notably, the chronic administration of AKG showed no significant adverse effects, a crucial observation.

Sex-specific outcomes were evident in the study, with female mice displaying notable improvements in fur color, coat condition, gait, spine curvature, and overall comfort measures like piloerection. Male mice, on the other hand, showcased benefits in maintaining muscle mass, gait, grip strength, reduced spine curvature, fewer tumors, and improved eye health.

Extensive research across yeast, C. elegans, and now mice has consistently demonstrated AKG’s impact on aging mechanisms, indicating its potential translatability to humans. This has led to plans for a clinical trial involving 45 to 65-year-olds at the Centre for Healthy Longevity at the National University of Singapore (NUS). The trial aims to assess AKG’s effects on aging markers, including pulse wave velocity and inflammation, providing valuable clinical data for physicians and individuals seeking ways to enhance health during aging.

The journey of AKG from basic research in the nematode worm C. elegans to human clinical trials within a few years highlights the rapid progress in scientific exploration. This evolution underscores the significance of studying even the tiniest organisms, offering invaluable insights that could transform human health.

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