Curestem C10 cell healer cell conditioned media with exosomes


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Curestem C10 cell healer 10 x 2 ml amp

Cell conditioned media for firming, lifting, brightening, acne, wound healing, stimulating cell regeneration & restoration

CURESTEM” is a restorative cosmetic brand for clinics and skincare professionals developed by Kangstem Biotech’s unique source technology of utilizing human cord blood cell and Dongwha Pharmaceutical’s 122 years of know-how.


100,000 ppm of human cord blood cell conditioned media (USC1994 TM) developed by the top stem cell experts of the best R&D cluster in Korea through comprehensive research on human cord blood cell conditioned media.

How to use

  • Blend CURESTEM Skin Relaxer(5ml) with CURESTEM Cell Healer C10 or C5 thoroughly and apply to your skin.
  • 1⁄2 of the mixture is applied and absorbed with the MTS procedure and 1⁄2 is applied and absorbed during the soothing phase with the electroporation device.

    It is most effective to use all of the product at once because it will lose potency when stored.

    Growth factors & cytokines








    Take a look at this slide to see the exosome concentration:

    exosome content








Outstanding increase in collagen synthesis








Let see some clinical tests:

Pore / wrinkle / pigmentation improvement in 5 weeks








Skin texture, capillary expansion, melanin







Protocol for skin regeneration with C10 and hair recovery with C20 (coming soon)


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