Germinal® 3.0 antiaging treatment 30 amp




GERMINAL | Germinal® 3.0 antiaging treatment 30amp

Dermatological masks have many advantages. One is that you can apply the right dose of product without having to measure it. The other is that they can be carried in the bag for any occasion without taking up hardly any space.

Germinal® antiaging blister treatment helps make the oval of the face regain definition and wrinkle is mitigated by its Kigelia content.

It also contains rosehip, with a regenerating action, firming and molding the skin, which helps it to produce its own collagen. This antiaging treatment also has in its composition Omega 3 and Omega 6 that contribute to hydrate the skin in depth and to fix the makeup, and vitamin E, a potent antioxidant.

An anti-aging blister treatment that contributes to your skin being more nourished and smooth!

How to use

Each ampoule contains the indicated amount for two applications. The ampoule is broken, the dosage is placed and the half of the contents is applied on the face and neck with a gentle massage. It is used in the morning on clean skin.


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