Martiderm Proteoglycans x30 original formula




Treatment of face wrinkles and cleavage, dry skin, flaccidity and other manifestations of skin photoaging.
Gradual correction of wrinkles thanks to the repairing power of the proteoglycan. Prevention against the formation of new wrinkles thanks to the antioxidant power of pure Vitamin C.

Double effect:
They can be applied as an immediate resource when you want to give an appearance of smoothness and luminosity.
Reaffirm and moisturize. Gradually remove wrinkles.
Dry / Dehydrated Skins METHOD OF USE:

Topical use: face and décolleté
Apply daily the solution on face and décolleté by means of a light massage with the fingertips, insisting on the most affected areas until their complete absorption.
After 10 min. Of the application, excess liquid that has not been absorbed with a cotton make-up remover can be removed and a day cream or usual make-up applied.
The contents of the ampoule once opened can be used for 2 days always taking the precaution of closing the tube with one of the plugs that come in the blister and store it in a cool, dry place and protected from light, to avoid oxidation Of the solution.


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