MENNUS 200 mg – PLA+CMC filler poly-lactic-acid collagene booster (sculptra, aesthefill-like) NEW


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MENNUS 200 mg – PLA filler with CMC

A long-term neocollagenesis filler that lasts more than a year and a half, which slowly fills the skin with collagen to maintain a natural volume.

PLA (Poly-lactic acid) + CMC (Carboxymethyl cellulose)

Package: 1 vial / 200 mg

Number of treatment: 1-3 times

Duration: 18-24 months

Purpose of use: Inject the product into the dermal layer or subcutaneous layer to improve wrinkles in the adult’s facial area through physical recovery.

Recommended treatment area: The entire facial area excluding the glabella and eye area.

Benefits of MENNUS 200 mg: 

  • in comparison with HA filler that only gives temporary volume, PLA fillers help to improve wrinkle by boosting collagen creation with volume.
  • low injection power compared to general PLA fillers when injecting
  • spherical PLA particle create volume evenly on the skin and there is no needle blockage
  • faster decomposition than other products, so easier treatment preparation.

Who might need MENNUS 200 mg treatment: 

  1. 30s~50s who worry about skin aging – to improve fine wrinkle and skin elasticity
  2. people who concerned about sensitive skin – to improve thin, dry, and sensitive skin due to external and environmental factors
  3. people getting ready for a special day – skin improvement in a short time ahead of special days such as wedding, first-birthday parties, filming, etc.
  4. who wants to restore skin health

PLA [Poly Lactic Acid] is a fatty polyester that is a thermoplastic material that synthesized using monomers from 100% renewable sources, such as starch from corn and potatoes. There are 2 types of enantiomer, L-Body and D-Body, in the monoamine lactic acid of PLA, which have different optical properties, but the chemical and physical properties are the same.

meNnus is a long-term and Neocollagenesis (promote collagen creation) filler that lasts more than a year and a half, which slowly fills the skin with collagen to maintain a natural volume

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Biomaterials for tissue restoration:

HA – used to inject cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid under the skin to fill or enlarge the procedure area directly
PN – help to restore the skin’s natural health by injecting PN to promote cell regeneration and collagen production
PLA – inject PLA under the skin to provide immediate volume through CMC gel and continuous collagen regeneration through PLA particles.

Combination for elastic skin booster: PN+HA+ α
– optimized combination of PN and HA helps activation of collagen, antioxidant and improvement of skin elasticity

High-functional cosmetics: PN+HA+ α
– availability of premium home care with whitening/fine line improvement/UV protection functional cosmetic line with PN and HA as key ingredients


PLA filler is a slowly biodegradable, and stimulate collagen creation in injected area for longer period of time. Effect lasting for 18-24 months or more

Compared to general PLA filler, meNnus has a perfect spherical shape and is more convenient with its low injection power due to uniform particle size
Reduce treatment time by applying Reanzen’s freeze-drying technology through quick suspension
No residue left in the body after a period of time using biodegradable (absorbable) materials.


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