Mesoestetic melatonin ampoules (+glutathione, SOD) 10×2 ml anti-aging solution, hair loss



Mesoestetic Melatonin 10×2 ml

Night regenerating anti aging solution. Favours the skin regeneration process to counteract the action of external aggressions during the day and prevent and correct the effects of skin ageing. Its concentrated formula has a synergistic action as it boosts night-time repair processes and accelerates antioxidant defence mechanisms.Melatonin is also used to combat hair loss so it can be incorporated to hair mesotherapy cocktails. 

Topical melatonin for treatment of androgenetic alopecia

Evidence for supplemental treatments in androgenetic alopecia.

It promotes the specific mechanisms of repair and regeneration of the skin through an effect on the nocturnal rhythms of the cutaneous tissue and the endogenous antioxidant defense systems.

Highly antioxidant tripeptide present inside the cells that favors the elimination of toxins and protects the tissues from the oxidation produced during the day by external aggressions.

Superoxide dismutase (SOD)
antioxidant enzyme that protects the membrane of epidermal cells against the action of free radicals.


Indicated as a daily treatment for any skin type.

How to use:

The pack includes tools on the bottom flap to facilitate the opening, application and conservation of the product.

1. Proceed to open the ampoule with the help of the opener that is provided at the base of the product pack. Place on the neck of the ampoule and break.

2. On the neck of the open ampoule, place the nipple, remove the cap, turn it upside down and press the body of the nipple to modulate the output of the product.
Apply every night on previously clean and dry skin before using the usual mesoestetic® treatment cream. Spread over the face, neck and décolleté and massage until completely absorbed. To enhance the treatment, apply glycolic ampoules once a week and weekly, which will improve the penetration of the ingredients.

3. Once the application is finished and if there is any excess product, replace the cap on the nipple, and place it in the holding base provided in the pack.


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