NEW: HAIRNA Hair Exosome Booster treatment with microneedle head box of 5 vials



HAIRNA Hair Exosome Booster 5 vials /box with microneedles

HAIRNA Hair Exosome Booster Ampoule is a functional anti-hair loss ampoule made with patented technology of separating and refining pure exosomes.

Human ASC-Exosome ™ : Containing 40,000 ppm of human adipose stromal cell culture exosomes, it helps to improve the scalp environment and hair regrowth.

Trio: Energy – Synergy – Balance

A product that helps to create a healthy scalp by containing a large amount of nutrients necessary for the scalp
A product that helps strengthen the barrier of the scalp with the synergy of exosomes and active ingredients
A product that can maintain and improve condition after balancing the broken balance on the scalp


– Intensive nutrition care to prevent hair loss
– Healthy hair follicle & root management based on dermatology
– Strengthen scalp condition with healthy hair follicle & root management

Do not apply topically the HAIRNA Ampoule – it needs to be absorbed into the scalp to be effective!

HAIRNA Exosome Booster Ampoule that absorbs exosome ingredients that help improve scalp keratin, elasticity, and hair tensile strength (breakage) into the scalp!

HARINA scalp improvement system exosome ampoule can be managed easily and simply with home care. 2 Needle caps (MTS needles) provided with Hairna Ampoule set guarantee all nutrimental components are delivered to the scalp dermis.

Ultra-fine 0.25mm micro-needle made by being completely sterilized with stainless steel light (24K gold plating).


3 months after usage:

5 months after usage:



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