IT Pharma Organic Silica silicium 1% 10x5ml skin tightening, fat burning conjonctyl



A fundamental mesotherapy product for skin tightening, localized fat burn, cellulite treatment

10×2 ml Organic Silica 1% amps from IT Pharma




This cosmetic solution is based on Organic Silica which gives the product an extraordinary firming and conditioning capacity of the support epidermis and dermis matrix and therefore providing an improvement of the elasticity, tone and firmness and this way achieving a smoother and younger look.

Organic Silica is a mandatory maintenance element for the elasticity within the elastin trough the oxygen bridges and for the collagen fibers stabilization resulting fundamental during the collagen type I regeneration and for the hydroxyproline generation which is an amino acid fundamental in the tridimensional organizations of its chains.

Silica is also responsible for the proper assemble of the glycosaminoglycans and the polyuronic acid that together determine the connective tissue consistence. It is estimated there are 500 silica atoms per each hyaluronic acid molecule and 3 atoms per each collagen fiber molecule.

Silicio Organico graph

This way of action is also important to reduce the effect produced by the physiological aging and to reduce the damage caused by external factors. The silica has major capacity to capture and retain the water molecules and therefore to keep the skin moisture.

The organic silica in a cosmetic approach also stimulates the chemical mediator AMPc activating the fat combustion and helping to reduce the fatty spots, being also a complement during the anti-cellulite treatments.


Apply this cosmetic treatment to the parts of the body targeted to treat aged, toneless and damaged skin by external factors, restoring and helping to maintain the tone, elasticity and therefore the look appearance of the skin.

This product also reduces the generation of stretch marks and helps all the anti-cellulite treatments.


This treatment is suitable for all skin types.


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