Pantovigar 90 vegan capsules to combat hair loss & nail disorders(female & male)


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Pantovigar® by Merz Pharmaceuticals for hair loss and nail disorders

contains a unique, highly concentrated active substance complex which stops hair loss and increases the metabolic activity of the hair root. This stimulates the hair cells to divide and form new cells and the hair returns to the active growth phase. The effectiveness of Pantovigar®/Pantogar® against hair loss has been proven in numerous clinical studies. Physicians and pharmacists worldwide recommend Pantogar® as a dependable medical treatment for diffuse hair loss.

How does Pantovigar/Pantogar works

Diffuse hair loss occurs because of a disruption in the hair growth cycle. If the hair root is not well nourished or is weakened through illness or stress, metabolic activity decreases, cell division declines and the growth phase of the hair is reduced. This leads to an imbalance between anagen hair (= growing hair) and telogen hair (= shedding hair) and more hair falls out than grows back. This is where Pantovigar®/Pantogar® comes in: Pantovigar®/Pantogar® contains a specifically formulated combination of active substances which reactivate the natural function of the hair root, stopping hair loss. Cell division is stimulated and the hair switches from the resting phase back to the active growth phase.

• Stops hair loss
• Increases metabolic activity
• Activates cell division
• Stimulates healthy hair growth


• Diffuse hair loss (hair loss for unknown reasons)
• Degenerative changes in the hair structure (stressed, thin, inelastic, brittle, lifeless, dull and colourless hair)
• Hair damaged by sunlight and UV radiation
• Prevention of greying of the hair
• Nail growth disorders (brittle, cracked and in- elastic nails)


Thiamin (Vitamin B1), Calcium-D-pantothenate (VitaminB5), Saccharomyces med. (Vigar yeast),L-cystin, Keratin, Para-aminobenzoic Acid.


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