Renovation Lift facelift complex 10x 5 ml (as HV lifting)


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Renovation Lift


Cosmetic product designed to bio-revitalise the face, hydrate dull or lacklustre skin, and treat sagging and superficial wrinkles on the face. Its composition mixes hyaluronic acid, the star ingredient in restoring tissue flexibility and in anti-wrinkle treatments, with a poly-revitalising cocktail of 54 ingredients and DMAE.

This combination provides the skin with an instant dose of energy, including 14 vitamins (A, B, C, E) that stimulate vital cell function; 24 amino acids that help produce proteins such as elastin or collagen; six co-enzymes that speed up the biochemical reactions of the tissues and activate cell communication; four minerals that diminish skin deficiencies; two anti-oxidants that reduce the synthesis of free radicals; and an active ingredient that repairs skin damage.


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