Sensilis origin pro EGF 5 growth factor based anti-aging treatment x30 ampoules box


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Global rejuvenating treatment that repairs the signs of aging, increasing the regeneration capacity of the skin and reaffirming in depth, thanks to its exclusive formula based on 5 growth factors and an anti-aging complex that protects epidermal stem cells.

+ ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: The use of growth factors in anti-aging cosmetic treatments, allows to act more precisely and deeply in the regeneration and firmness of the skin, visibly repairing the signs of aging.

EFG EPIDERMIC GROWTH FACTOR that stimulates fibroblast migration.

IGF INSULIN-LIKE GROWTH FACTOR that stimulates the synthesis of proteoglycans.

FGF ACID / BASIC FGF Growth factors of fibroblasts that stimulate the synthesis of Collagen and Elastin.

VEGF: Growth factor of the vascular endothelium that favors the arrival of oxygen and nutrients to the fibroblasts.

Extract of stem cells from Swiss apple (Malus domestica) and grape (Solar Vitis)

Micro-glycosaminoglycans that improve the structure of the skin and contribute to increase its elasticity and firmness.

Polysaccharide antipollution composed of Glucuronic acid, Fucose and Glucose protects against external aggressions caused by UV rays, pollution and heavy metals leaving it soft and conditioned.

A cocktail of anti-aging assets acts synergistically for a 360º global anti-aging action. Among its assets highlights extract of FLOR DE LOTO and ALBARICOQUE.


EFFECTIVENESS STUDIES: The Exceptionality of Origin Pro EGF-5 is backed by excellent efficacy results:

IN VIVO STUDIES: Average values ​​obtained after testing Origin Pro EGF-5 Ampoules in 25 volunteers of all skin types who have applied the product once in the morning for 28 days:

-44.8% WRINKLES *

+ 29.3% ELASTICITY **

+ 20.4% FIRMING ***

+ 33.1% HYDRATION ****

* Total Wrinkle Surface. Measurement made using Image Analysis ** Measurement carried out using Elastimetry. *** Measurement made by cutometry. **** Realized measurement by Corneometry.


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